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Tarot & Divination Services

Hello and welcome! If you are here, you are looking to glean insight into your life, and you've decided to turn to Tarot (or other divination practices) for that insight.

Let's clarify a few things first:

Tarot is NOT:

  1. a way to see exactly what the future holds or what is already determined as fate or destiny. 

  2. dark or evil -- it should never be used to scare or intimidate you in any way.

  3. meant to tell you who your soul mate is, what numbers to play in the lottery, or when something great (or awful) will happen. 

The wonderful thing about most divination, but specifically tarot is that it is so much more impactful because of what Tarot actually IS:

  1. Tarot IS a language of symbols steeped in astrological and alchemical symbols as well as archetypal imagery.

  2. Tarot IS empowering -- it is all about introspection and using that introspection to move through the world. 

  3. Tarot IS an offering to take a fresh look at something your mind has already been spinning over for too long!  Tarot has the ability to shine light into dark corners and illuminate things you may have been missing.

  4. Tarot IS a representation of the archetypal "Hero's journey" with each card representing not only a moment on that journey but potential lessons learned throughout that journey in different aspects of human life.  

  5. Tarot IS a unique opportunity to tap into your intuition, and your unconscious mind. It can reveal things that the Universe wants you to notice and learn from, show you energies that are coming your way, shine a light on your shadow and help you move forward.

One of the most amazing things about Tarot is that you and I are able to connect on a plane of understanding that transcends current time and place. Using intuition and self-reflection, a Tarot reading can be immensely enlightening and empowering.

Individual Divination 

Individual Tarot or Rune Sessions can be performed either in person or over Google Meeting or Facetime. Individual sessions often utilize either the Celtic Cross spread or another, topic-specific spread agreed upon in advance. Rune sessions will be completely customized, but prices are based on session time.

Individual Divination Session Fees:

15-minute Divination Session - $35

30-minute Divination Session - $60

Private Divination Parties or Group Readings

Whether your special event is a birthday party, bridal shower, holiday event, or just a night of gathering with friends! These parties can be booked in person at a private residence, in person at a lovely, local meeting space in Allison Park, or hosted through Google Meeting or Facetime!


At the party, Jess will arrive with a beautiful and intentional small table set up and provide 10 to 15-minute Divination Sessions for each of your guests!

Private Divination Party Fees:

$100 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum 

Some FAQ's:

Is there a minimum time-frame?

Yes, there is a 2-hour minimum per party.


How many guests can receive readings in 2 hours?

Typically, readings last about 10-15 minutes each, so in 2 hours there will be a minimum of 8 readings and a maximum of 10.


What is your service area?

Jess provides in-person divination services to clients in the Greater-Pittsburgh area. Jess will travel up to 100 miles for Tarot Parties; however, the Host will incur travel expenses.

What do you need to provide for set-up?

Jess will require a small space, in as quiet an area as possible. Jess will provide the table and chairs if necessary; however, it is always great to have a space already available. It is important to note that some of your guests will enjoy having cards read with friends watching, but many will prefer a more private experience. Jess is comfortable with both requests.


Is a deposit required, and is it refundable?

A 25% deposit is required to hold your reservation. This deposit can be cash, PayPal, or Credit Card.

The deposit is non-refundable.


How do you pay the balance and when is it due?

The final party balance is due on the day of the party. This payment can be in cash, PayPal, or Credit Card.


Should you or your guests tip?

Tipping is not necessary—though it’s always welcome!

How do I request a date for a divination party?

To request a reservation or for more information, please fill out the Google Form below.

Use the Google Scheduler below to book your divination session!

If you have difficulty booking, please use the "Let's Chat" button instead.

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