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Witchery Products

Wild Moon Witchery LLC. specializes in originally curated intention candles, sachets, and spell jars.

All products are intuitively created and Reiki charged.

Examples of products are listed below.

All products are available for exclusive purchase on Ko-Fi.

Intention Candles

Each candle is crafted with an intention in mind, and the candle is then curated with an associated fragrance and color, then topped with dried herbs and crystals that also tie back to the intention.

"Mainstay" Intention Candles: Self-Love (4 and 8 oz), Protection (4 and 8 oz), Parting the Veil (4 and 8 oz), and Inner Light.

Seasonal Intention Candles: A Midsummer Night's Dream and Fires of Yule


Spell Jars

Like the intention candles, the spell jars are crafted with a specific intention in mind and then infused by the purchaser with more specific elements they would like to manifest.

Spell jars also come with an original spell that the client can use to further set their personal manifestation.

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