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Ceremonial & Ritual Services

The opportunity to gather as womxn is often pushed aside in the bustle of everyday life, but magick happens when womxn gather. 

The ritual gathering of womxn is one of my greatest pleasures to craft. I take great care to not only choose the most Divinely inspired words but also to create a safe and inclusive environment where one can connect with their higher self and the Divine Feminine, a space where we can transcend.

Types of Ceremonial & Ritual Services

Womxn's Empowerment Circles

The womxn’s circle is an ancient practice. The goal of a womxn's empowerment circle is to carve a space where womxn come together to honor their ancestors, create community, celebrate friendship, and connect with the Divine Feminine. 


Maiden to Mother Ritual Ceremony

During a womxn's transition from maiden to mother, much of the focus is on the life she is creating. Maiden to Mother Circles allows for the chance to dedicate time, space, and energy to lifting up the mother. The Maiden to Mother Ritual Ceremony brings together the womxn (and sometimes men) in a soon-to-be mother's life and creates space for those to surround her with love and support. 


Moon Ritual Circles

The moon has long been a representation of the Divine Feminine. Each Moon Ritual Circle will be written with the current moon phase, astrology, and season in mind. Using traditional pagan practices, affirmations, mantras, and meditations, the group will set intentions and focus on manifesting their desires.


Monthly Full Moon Ritual Circles are held at Merry Meet (Antique Moon Emporium) in Allison Park, PA. 


Monthly New Moon Ritual Circles are currently on hiatus; however, become a Ko-Fi member for the most up-to-date ritual offerings! -- HERE.

Seasonal Ritual Celebraions

As the Earth cycles, so do we, and there is something magickal in marking the solstices. In a Seasonal Ritual Celebration, a ritual gathering will focus on the transition from one season to the next as well as drawing connections amongst one another. and others...

Frequently Asked Questions

Ceremony & Ritual Fees:

Due to the unique nature of each of these events, prices are determined after consultation but begin at $150 per hour.


Is there a minimum time frame?

Yes, there is a 1-hour minimum charge.


Is there a maximum guest count?

No, but your space should be large enough to house guests comfortably in a circle with a central altar space.


What do you need to provide for set-up?

Jess will require a space large enough to fit your guests in a circle. At the consultation, Jess and the host will discuss the theme, vision, and any extras that will be added. These extras may influence the amount of space that is needed.

What are some "extras" that may be provided?

When designing the central ritual space and circle, some extras might be: requested flowers, crystals, and central altar decorations (ancestor pictures, space to call forth energy, etc.)


Is a deposit required, and is it refundable?

A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. This deposit can be cash, PayPal, or Credit Card through Square.

The deposit is non-refundable.

Events scheduled with less than 30 days before the ritual will require a 100% non-refundable payment.


How do you pay the balance and when is it due?

The final balance is due the week before the event. This payment can be in cash, PayPal, or Square.

How do I request a date for an in-person ritual?

To request a reservation or for more information, please fill out the Google Form below.

Complete the Google Scheduler below to schedule a consultation.

If you have difficulty booking, please use the "Let's Chat" button instead.

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