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August 2021 Aquarius Full Moon

There is undeniably a natural rhythm to the universe, whether it’s the seasons or the phases of the Moon. Our energies are often heightened during the full moon -- we feel more inspired and productive. I have found that tuning into nature and the environment around me helps me understand my own personal seasons on a deeper level. This is why I try my best to engage in rituals and magickal practices that align with the phases of the moon and the cycles of nature.

This month, we have our second Full Moon in Aquarius in a row. We are also rounding out Leo season and the end of summer, so this one packs quite the punch of innovation and courageous energy!

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, which has the ability to take the emotions (water) of the world, transmute them using the power of air, and return them to the earth cleansed and renewed. Given this strong Aquarian energy, we are feeling a big push of energy from the Universe to shift and clear dense energies. There is a lot of potential for this Full Moon to really shine a spotlight on change, activate our desire for greater freedom, challenge us to do things differently and step out of our comfort zone and experiment with something new. This Full Moon energy is ALL about innovation, growth, and shifting our perspectives!

Full Moons typically represent completion points, so use this energy to take any endings and manifest new experiences.

There are some other, really impactful planets this Full Moon -- Jupiter is currently retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and is also conjunct this Full Moon, which makes its energy very active. Think of Jupiter as an expander -- so whatever you are working to manifest this Full Moon will be intense!

Given all of these positive influences, this Full Moon will bring what it needs to bring and take what it needs to take. Make a decision and work with this energy to manifest greatness!

Trust yourself! Join with Leo and Aquarius and feel those strong, courageous energies! Connect with that inner lion and fiercely make your own path.

Aquarian energy is ALL about new beginnings and new perspectives, and we are being encouraged this month to use this Full Moon to connect to our past energies and use them to manifest our best selves!

This past year has been full of endings; our old selves have disappeared, and we are being challenged to use that power and love that brought us to where we are today as a slingshot to move forward.

There is a sense of deep understanding in our souls.

Use this Full Moon to connect with that energy; connect with the good things that brought you here, the bad things, the tragic things, the heroic things. So many experiences and stories have made you who you are -- so many stories and experiences surround you. This Aquarius Full Moon is one that encourages us to honor the changing within us -- the energy is encouraging us to make lear-cut decisions and trust our instincts. It also encourages us to remember and FEEL all of the past triumphs and successes and remember they exist as energy. They surround you and support you, and are there to be channeled under the light of the Full Moon.

Lean into that energy and use this ritual below to shift it into a new and better future.


Supplies: 2 pieces of paper, writing utensil, jar, candles (yellow for joy and abundance, orange for creativity, red for passion, pink for self-love, purple for creativity and intuition, blue for peace and protection, green for wealth and growth, and white for all!), a fire-safe container, and matches


  • Cast your circle and call the corners (if you prefer); if not, sit and visualize a white light of protection gravitating from the moon to your crown, through your body and to your feet

  • Light your candle, and focus on your core -- let go of everything and focus on relaxing your body and your ind.

  • Focus on what you want to release and what you want to call in.

  • Take the papers. One one, jot down the things you would like to release. These are the things you are banishing with the Full Moon as it wanes. Sit and envision them leaving your life one by one.

  • Burn this paper and scatter it's ashes in the wind/outside.

  • On the second sheet, jot down the things you are calling in to you over the next lunar cycle. Sit and envision them coming into your life one by one.

  • Roll up the paper and place it in the jar.

  • Snuff our your candle, close your circle, and then set it outside to soak up the moonlight.

  • When you wake up, bring the jar back inside and place them somewhere you will see them daily. I like to carry mine with me, so each time I see the jar, I am able to remember my intentions.

This ritual is one that I return to regularly. Sometimes I only release -- if I'm not feeling overly clear on what I want to call into my life at that time. If you're a more advanced witch, add appropriate crystals, herbs, or other tools to help add more intention and energy to this ritual.

Happy Full Moon, witches!

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